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    driveway cleaners shrewsbury

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    You will be absolutely amazed by just how clean your driveway cleaning shrewsbury or paved areas can look after professional pressure cleaning.

    **Driveways from just £85 – FREE QUOTES**

    Residential pressure cleaning can refresh and revive the following:

    • Patios
    • Driveways
    • Paths
    • Walls
    • driveway cleaning company
    • Block Paving + Re Sanding
    • Brick Weave
    • Concrete
    • Tarmac

    Driveway Cleaning Shrewspury Prices

    Cleaning only :
    £2.50 per sq metre
    Cleaning & Re-sanding :
    £3.00 per sq metre


    Crazy Paving, Tarmac, Decking etc.
    Cleaning only :
    £2.50 per sq metre
    Patio Slabs
    Cleaning only :
    Cleaning and Sealing :
    £2.50 per sq metre

    driveway cleaning local

    We carry out commercial pressure cleaning and steam cleaning on

    • Commercial Vehicles
    • Plant Machinery
    • Farm Machinery
    • Boats

    DRIVEWAYS & PATH Cleaning

    Cleaning your driveway can dramatically change the look of your property. If you are thinking of selling your home it gives a very good first impression to any buyer. Paths around the house and garden will also benefit greatly from cleaning, Keeping them clear, tidy and safe. We are also able to clean tarmac and concrete,

    Why choose us?

    • Professional company
    • Efficient
    • Trustworthy
    • Reliable
    • Knowledgeable
    • Excellent track record
    • Friendly
    • Local company
    • Affordable
    • Value for money
    • No pushy salesmen or hard sell

    We’re happy to give you an accurate, no obligation, friendly quotation; call us today! 0800 160 1538

    Driveway Cleaning Shrewsbury Shropshire

    Revitalise Your Driveway With Our Driveway Cleaning & Sealing Service.

    Our service is for both domestic and commercial customers, a complete driveway cleaning and driveway sealing service.

    Using the latest technology, our rotary flat surface cleaning machines are able to offer driveway cleaning for all hard paving types for Driveway Cleaning

    drivie way cleaners shrewsbury shropshire

    In addition to our driveway cleaning we offer

    • patio cleaning,
    • block paving cleaning
    • also clean decorative concrete areas 
    • pathways.
    • Refurbishing your existing driveway
    • Patio
    • commercial paved area which is a very cost effective way of breathing new life into a tired hardscape.

    WHY US?

    1.  We have invested heavily in professional equipment specifically designed to clean your driveway and patio etc efficiently and safely while providing an
      unbeatable deep clean of the area removing moss, weeds, lichens and algae without damaging the surface, sub-base or pointing.
               2. Our High Pressure Rotary Cleaning equipment can clean almost any surface including block-paving, natural stone, crazy-paving, concrete slabs, tarmac, pattern imprinted concrete and timber decking to a standard far above what can be achieved with a  conventional jet washer while using far less water.
                3. Due to its design the rotary cleaner can clean larger areas at a time than a standard jet washer, eliminating what is known as striping which is unattractive stripes left on the surface after cleaning, so providing a beautiful even finish . It also cleans at ground level so there is minimal disturbance to the surrounding area or passers by.
                 4. The rotary cleaner operates at 250bar/3600psi (over 3 times that of the average jet washer) and is specifically designed not to damage pointing or remove excessive jointing sand.
                 5. The extremely high pressure of this equipment means that just cold water is usually sufficient to clean most surfaces and chemicals are not normally required except to remove oil or cement stains.

    Whether you are looking for block paving cleaning, concrete cleaning or tarmac cleaning, CHS can help to restore driveways or patios to tip top condition. Why not book a free site survey today?

    Driveway cleaning is carried out using high pressure washers and any chemicals necessary to bring it back to its original state. Driveway sealing  will be offered as an option when you choose driveway cleaning from us.

    For block paving, concrete slabs or decorative concrete areas, the benefits are huge, helping to inhibit growth, reduce moss and lichen and helping to prevent oil staining and bringing out the colour of the paving. On block paving, the sealers will stabilise the sand joints which will reduce surface activity of ant infestations.

    For Tarmac and Asphalt, the Latexite Sealcoat tarmac sealers are a must for protecting and beautifying your paved areas. Not only do they re-colour faded Tarmac, they also fill small cracks and fissures, preventing the ingress of water which leads to larger cracks and pot holes. Latexite Sealcoats will also offer resistance to oil and chemical attack and inhibit moss and algae growth.

    Re-Sanding of block paving

    In addition to the high pressure clean we can deep clean and rejoin any block paved area, ground in dirt, grime and stains are simply washed away with the high pressure clean .

    Once this has been done, the area is brushed with fine kiln dried sand to replenish joints and rejoin the paving, giving the area a brand new look.

    Terms of Business

    • Our terms do not affect your statutory rights
    • Our aim is to clean driveways, patios, paving stones, decking and concrete to look like new.
    • We deliver quality work and offer excellent value for money getting it right first time.
    • All prices are subject to a free site inspection and estimate.
    • All areas to be cleaned must be sound in construction.
    • Any site clearance required prior to works may incur additional charges.
    • Free access to a water supply from clients property is required and on some occasions power is also required if standing water has to be pumped away.
    • Block paved surfaces may require a return visit as surfaces need to be clean and dry before starting re-sanding
    • Sealing and re-sanding of surfaces will require a separate visit.


    • Pressure cleaning will not revive fading of colour due to daylight, age or exposure ultra-violet light.
    • Oil, solvent, chewing gum and cement stains may not be removed in all cases.
    • Pressure cleaning may loosen or remove unsound, broken, damaged or perished surfaces, pointing, blocks, paving stones and insecure brickwork. In all cases the cost of any reinstatement will be the customers responsibility. These works may be carried out by us or the customers appointed contractor.

    Payment Terms

    • Payment by electronic transfer or cash – Sorry No Cheques
    • Payment in full is required upon completion less any deposit paid, a 10% deposit is taken on any job
    • Payment terms for commercial work is 30 days from date of invoice.
    • Late payments will be pursued using a debt recovery agency, the cost of which will be paid for by the client.
    • Telford Driveway Cleaning – Terms of business
    • Our terms do not affect your statutory rights
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    Date as per quotation / as postmarked

    You have the right to cancel this contract if you wish and you may exercise this right by delivering, or sending (including by electronic mail) a cancellation notice to shropshirecleaning@gmail.com at any time within the period of 7 days starting with the day of receipt of this notice. This notice of cancellation will be deemed to have been served as soon as it is posted or sent (or in the case of an electronic communication, from the day it is sent). If you wish to cancel this contract you may use the cancellation form provided if you wish. You may be required to pay for the goods or services supplied if the performance of the contract has begun with your written agreement before the end of the cancellation period.

    Work Starting Before End of Cancellation Period If you agree work can start before the cancellation period ends you should sign below. If you decide to cancel within the seven day cancellation period, reasonable payment may be due for work carried out prior to cancellation.

    I/We* agree Complete Home Services may commence work on (date), before my cancellation period has ended. (*delete as appropriate). I understand if I decide to cancel within seven days, I may be asked to pay for any work done before cancellation.

    Cancellation Form
    If you wish to cancel this contract you MUST DO SO IN WRITING and deliver personally
    or send (which may be by electronic mail) this to the person named below.
    You may use this form if you want to but you do not have to.
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