How to pay:

1) Cash (please contact us to arrange when and how we can collect the money)
2) Cheque
3) BACS / Direct Debit (bank transfer online or at your high street bank)


If you wish, you can set up a standing order using the details above. Please note: We do not have access to your bank account. It is your responsibility to cancel your standing order if necessary.

07955 100 285

Payment Terms
Firstly, thank you for your business!

Domestic Customers

For domestic customers, payment is required within 7 days of your invoice date.
Commercial Clients

For all our commercial cleaning services, we do expect payment within thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing between both parties. In the event of late payment, invoices unpaid will incur a surcharge of £30, notified in writing. The client has within seven (7) days from the date of the written notification to pay £30 plus the original invoice amount. If payment is not received within the seven (7) days we automatically instruct our debt collection agency to recover the full invoice amount plus surcharge fee. The debt collection agency may include their own fees of which we are not responsible.