What Is Pure Water?

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Pure Water Window Cleaning Shrewsbury

What is pure water?

  • Pure water is normal tap water which is converted using a reverse osmoses system.
  • The water goes through the reverse osmoses system, which includes hydrogen, pre, de-ioniser filters.
  • Then goes through a resin filter which polishes the water and finally goes through a water softener to bring the water to 0 parts per million.
  • This enables the water to cut through dirt, grime, grease and moss.
    • Tap Water often contains
      Magnesium (natural component of water hardness)
      Iron (water hardness component or leached from pipes)
      Phosphate (usually low, but there if phosphate is used as
      a corrosion inhibitor in pipes)
      Silica (some naturally present from sand, but also present
      sometimes as a corrosion inhibitor)
      Sodium (very small amount)
      Organic carbon (about 2 mg/L or so)
      Chlorine and/or monochloramine (there as disinfectants)
      Trihalomethanes (there as disinfection by products, DBPs)
      Haloacetic acids (also disinfection by products)


How it works? We brush & scrub pure water onto the frames, window & cills removing any dirt then rinse the window leaving pure water on the windows that dries naturally spot free.

From previous experience the first time your windows are cleaned with pure water you may find the odd drip or spot where it hasn’t dried properly, this will only be on the first clean as your windows may not of adapted to the system yet.

Areas of coverage: Shrewsbury, Shawbury, Wem, Baschurch, Atcham and everywhere in between